First of all, you need to change the attitude to the lessons.The lesson - it's not 45 minutes wasted.At least half of each class - is concentrated useful knowledge.If you receive the information in class, on homework will go away is not so much time.
Yes, the mark does not always reflect the level of your knowledge, but "five" is quite easier life as admission to college, and in communicating with the family.The first rule of getting good grades - wait for the good questions in class.There is always a topic that is closer to you, or simply better remembered, and it happens in the study of any subject.At the lesson, when asked on a similar topic, feel free to pull his hand."Five" is provided.
always agreed to perform the abstract or presentation.Finding information on the
Internet or books - a good way to once again analyze and clarify the material is not fully comprehensible moments, moreover, it is much more interesting than reading some pretty boring sections defined on the house.Do not take a prepared text, the use of them a little bit.In addition, the teacher can ask questions.
In no case do not spoil relations with teachers.Set up a friendly teacher can close our eyes to the shortcomings or even make a discount, with it you can try to agree on a transfer date of the abstract for a day or two.But the negative mood the teacher can not find fault in the case, to try to discover the slightest error and understate estimates.But do not open to curry favor with teachers, it can set up a class or a group against you.
Always written homework, if you know the subject, it will not take a lot of time if you are in the lesson "float", written assignments help to understand.As for the oral tasks, if you listened carefully to the teacher in the classroom will be enough time or two flip through a textbook on the relevant subject.
If you love to read and do it quickly, be sure to read the literature given in the unabridged version.In literature lessons very noticeable when students are responsible for a summary of the classics.If you read slowly, read the abridged version, but hedged study of online sources, so you can imagine the text more fully.
But the main secret of a good performance - an initiative.If you know the topic, pull the hand, do it as often as possible.This almost guarantees you that the wrong moment (eg, you, for whatever reason, have not done their homework) teacher you just do not ask and do not spoil your final grade.