method of measuring the volume of an object by means of water had been established by the Greek scientist Archimedes.To determine the volume of a body is necessary to take a container with liquid, it is better if the container is transparent.On a vessel must be applied to the scale division and measure the volume occupied by water.After that you need to plunge into the water body, the scope of which you want to learn.As soon as the water rises, you should note a new level.The difference in the levels of measured and will be equal to the volume of the submerged body.
In addition, you can define the scope of the object by measuring the amount of water it displaces.For this purpose, a vessel filled with water up to
the top, the body must be immersed.At the same time it displaces the water should be poured into another container and measure the volume, which will be equal to the required volume of the body.
If you find the volume of the hollow body can also use water.For this purpose it is necessary to fill the existing object, and then pour water into a glass, on which a scale division.The measured volume of a body is equal to the volume of receiving water in it.
can calculate the volume of any body, knowing its density and mass.For this it is necessary to divide the existing object on its density.Learn density of the material from which made a particular item can be from a lookup table "Density of Solids".
To calculate some figures derived mathematical formulas.For example, to find the volume of the cylinder necessary to know the radius and height.The volume of the cylinder you will get through the work of "pi" to the square of the radius and height of the body (V = π * R2 * H).