features white fungus umbrella

Meet the mushroom-shaped hood can be anywhere.Unpretentious, it grows on forest edges and clearings, along roads and in the meadows, in city parks and home gardens.

Nature gave man this fungus in two types - white and variegated.White mushroom umbrella looks close, because its cap reaches a diameter of 25 cm.

In the process of growth of the fungus form of his cap varies with ovate-rounded, and sprawled on the bell-resembling a real umbrella.In the center of the gray-brown cap has a dark mound.

Body mushroom thick and loose, white. Mushrooms are well absorbed by the human body and its saturated fatty acids, lecithin and provitamin D. The fat content in mushrooms s
lightly - from 1 to 6%.
free plate of white legs separated from the ring.With the aging of the fungus, they turn red.

foot of the white mushroom-umbrella in thickness up to 3 cm in length - 35 cm. Its color is the same as that of the cap, brown flakes.

Propagated mature mushroom spores.Spore print white.As for the taste, it is the young mushroom nutty.

distinctive features motley mushroom-umbrella

have spotted mushroom-umbrella hat is not as great as that of the white.Its diameter varies between 5-15 cm.

covered with scales, it has a grayish-brown color and egg shape.With age, it changes and turns into an open umbrella.

Hollow, but inflated to the bottom of the leg has a broad movable ring.The thickness of the legs - 1-4 cm, height - 30 cm.

favorite places motley umbrella are thickets of acacia.A rare fungus is not considered, and it is found in the same place and its white Kindred, and even rotting firewood stack.

collect mushrooms from June to October.The characteristic mushroom flavor and nutty flavor make it attractive for mushroom pickers.

Suitable whether to eat a mushroom-umbrella?

nutritionally mushroom umbrella refers to a category 4, it is edible, but because of the specific nutty flavor is collected, not all mushroom pickers.White mushroom umbrella is better to eat until he is young (age determined by the egg-shaped cap). All edible mushrooms are rich in vitamins A, C, D, B, PP.Their nutritional value can be compared with the liver and butter.

Motley mushroom umbrella is also suitable for food.True connoisseurs of his taste consume fried caps and rings.

for sandwiches raw mushroom cut into slices.Both varieties of the fungus to be blank for the future - they are dried.In dry form mushrooms can grind into powder.