you need
  • -data on payables and receivables
Payments calendar includes data on cash inflow to the company and its payments.For the quarter is typically broken down into months or shorter periods.When using it, you need to monitor the status of production, inventories, receivables and payables.It is a plan for the movement of money in the short term and approved within the limits and possibilities of the enterprise.
The first section of the calendar reflects the costs thatall future payments and transfers of funds, the second - all of the expected revenue.It is essential that the equality between them, and in the best case, a surplus.Its main goal - to avoid gaps between receipts and payments when the company there is a lack
of necessary funds.
use payment schedule reveals financial mistakes, lack of resources and reserves.It helps to understand the reasons for this negative situation and identify measures to address them.For its preparation, the following documents: the plan of sales, production estimates, contracts, invoices, capital plans, schedules payroll, account statements organization with the appropriate applications.
process of drawing up the payment schedule consists of several stages.First, you must choose the planning period.This may be a quarter, month, ten days or even weeks.Secondly, the planned sales volume is determined based on the volume of production in the selected period and the change in the balance.Third, the calculated value of possible cash flows.Next estimated expected costs, and is determined by the balance.It represents the difference between the amounts which would have to do and expenses in the reporting period.As a result of summing up the detected deficiency or excess funds in the company.
Expected balance of income and expenditure compared with the existing minimum insurance reserve funds.If the value of planned payments is greater than the revenue, taking into account balances, this may indicate a deterioration in financial condition.Surplus show stable operation of the company and its ability to pay.
Payment calendar allows you to manage payables and receivables, to receive information about the cash flows to determine the need for a short-term loan and avoids inconsistencies in time payments and settlements.