Given the significant increase in military pensions in recent years and planned their further increase, at a surcharge of military pension insurance part of pensions of civil becomes larger than the size of the old age pension.The designated law extends to the first of January 2007 but not earlier than the date when the right to a civil pension.
for simultaneous production of two pensions must be:
- to your civilian experience of at least five years, and during these five years, the employer shall make insurance contributions (either to the formation of the military time or af

- you reach the general retirement age.
for insurance of the civil pension should write an application to the territorial division of your Pension Fund of Russia (at your place of residence) and attach to the application documents:
- gospensionnogo insurance certificate of insurance;

- documents that can verify identity, place of residence, age and nationality;

- documents that confirm the seniority (certificate of employment, employment history, and others);

- a certificate of the average monthly wage for any consecutive 5 years before January 01, 2002 (except 2000 - 2001, for the reference salary is not required, and the average monthly salary is calculated authorities PF RF on the personal data records in the database of the Pension Fund);

- documents evidencing a change of name, first name, middle name (if any);

- certificate from the place of service for periods of military service, or other activities that have been taken into account in the calculation of military pension);
The statement must also specify the method of delivery of civil pensions.