great employer young business


Motivating the company - that's what I like most about this employer!There is an opportunity not only to work and earn, and no gain invaluable experience, learn!The staff is very friendly and cheerful, pleasant in the company of staff.I liked that my first really g

ood deal marked a small gift, neg., Or harsh words from his boss did never heard the criticism was always justified!During his time in the young business conflicts arose once.The company's office is quite convenient, easy to reach from anywhere in the city.It is important that the work in the BM go with joy, it is very encouraging for the workers achievements!

The BM learn to properly allocate their time

Sergey, Sales Manager

Yes, in the company of young business managers have a lot of work.But this aspect allows you to really learn a profession, to achieve mastery.Gradually you learn to make optimal use of working hours in order to have time to solve all the tasks and enjoy socializing in a pleasant team.But quite often because of the heavy load has to stay up late, and even work on weekends.Unfortunately, overtime is paid in a rather scanty amount, or not paid at all.So several times about this conflictual and accounting, and with the leadership of BM.It is hoped that our employers will start to listen to the band and everything in this plan will be adjusted.

implemented helped BM


hard to find yourself in a tough challenging time.I believe that the young business can help.The team picked up a creative, professional, friendly.It does not laugh at the freshman, help you quickly get into work.Of course, the sales manager for the hard way.Clients must be many and they are all different - and sometimes annoying meticulous with their requirements.Therefore, with every need quite well, finding the most appropriate forms of dialogue.And asked sternly.It requires continuous learning, updating the knowledge base.But this - the positive.In modern society, in another not.I am glad that in BM takes part of my life.Rather helps support and knowledge transfer older system Sales-Force, motivational base.There is a decent career opportunities in biznesmolodosti.For her sake, I want to work more creative, totally given to the process, continually increase sales.

young business - my best work!


Although I am still young, but already replaced more than one place of work.When hit the business young, I thought that it - temporarily.I now believe that the BM - my best work to change that there is no desire.I am satisfied with everything here, starting from the working process, its organization and to the management of compliance.In addition, the entire staff of a well-coordinated, intelligent and cheerful.There is a desire to go to work every day, even a week.Home does not pull that is not terrible, I'm single.And there are a lot of beautiful girls and reliable guys lack of communication.I have one problem - always want to eat, and to carry a sandwich not drawn.

My second life work


young business - my second life work.After the institute was in the state structure, where the day wore on, as the rubber, and the money - twice a month in amounts such that enough for travel and lunch.Without money to live boring and joyless.Here, the opposite is true, the more work invested, the more you get, because the work with great pleasure.The team of BM - excellent, a lot of beautiful girls, nice work.I like the fact that the leaders of intelligence and see you as a person, not just a hired labor.Too bad that far to go, but soon gather money and rent an apartment near the proletarian or textile.

sales manager Andrew

when I started this post, I doubt whether the handle.Children who have been sales manager, said they have a lot of work and if something does not work - do not stop.He began to follow all the rules of business young.Yes, it was difficult to adjust, because I'm a man of the old school and I have 37 years.But the young and ambitious colleagues helped me to look at the sales on the other hand, the use of new techniques.Thank you learned from BM perseverance now easily ring up 40 or more people a day.Yes, sometimes people can get nasty, or throw up, but I do not stop and continue to ring on.Schedule an active and do not always find the time for a break, but it's in my interest, because I can make more money.Dining AVILON do not really like, but you can do termoskom home.

BM - see for yourself some pluses!


In our company, I have worked as sales manager.Work pleased.The only place where I like almost everything, and I changed jobs a lot.A special advantage for me in the BM is that the staff are friendly, active, creative and purposeful.In a circle of boys, and most want to take "the bar higher."Comfortable working conditions and understanding guide that will always help and sort out a difficult situation - another positive side of the company.The schedule and pace of work makes it possible not to lose the activity, to be always on the alert!That is why, time flies fast and interesting.For me it is important that the work was not boring, and intense.I earn as much as I want.Fortunately, the Business young company provides such an opportunity.I note also seminars.They learn many new things, increases the effectiveness of their work, and it helps me to earn even more.Of the minuses I can remember only one.At the beginning of bothered me that calls were tapped quality department.But then I used to even come to the conclusion that for the better functioning of the BM and to improve the quality of work of employees - this step is necessary.

young business - an alloy of dynamics and creativity

Roman, manager of customer support:

long dreamed to practice your luggage psychologist.Finally, it is possible.More than a year I have been working in a great team, whose name - team.We work smoothly, despite the tight schedule.Young business boasts a wonderful staff.At first it was difficult, but there is someone to ask and consult.Earnings quite satisfied.But the menu in the dining room AVILON poor as meager landscape around - construction, roads, industrial zones, the train ... But this is no time to pay attention to: BM offers excellent prospects.

Permanent work young business.


Meet a nice, young, educated and most importantly, the contingent.No vulgarity and negativity against the police.From the very first day you need a high involvement in the process is not easy, but it pays off handsomely.The organizational structure of the company is fully consistent with its business settings.The staff of my department are extremely friendly and united, but the main thing in it - the professionalism of everyone.About other departments will not approve of this, but judging by the conversation with their employees where there is roughly the same.Coaching in which I have to participate, not just provide me financially, they can learn a lot yourself.A business - a business - who knows what skills can come in handy?In this respect, "young business" is simply an inexhaustible source of ideas and concepts.

Live and learn

Anton, manager of customer support

such conditions for the professional growth of employees, both in the BM will no longer be found.Continuing seminars, workshops, and expert guidance does not remain on the sidelines when we all need advice on business issues.I would like to draw the attention of the leadership of BM to work programmers.For normal performance of their duties need to use additional tools - for example, the appropriate software and interrogate computer users have to install the program you want is difficult.That to me is not the first week of "put" microsoft office.And how to work effectively, if not elementary improvised?

With BM, you can plan for the future


young business - a dynamic company with a good prospect.Perhaps this is the main factor why I work here.In past jobs I even feel like it was all out, really had the feeling that makes no sense.When you see the ceiling, above which is not to jump - it's great to hold, no drive.There is room for professional growth, creative, creativity, constant training seminars.While employees are unhappy when the seminars fall on the weekend, but nothing can be done, in the BM rigid discipline.More important to me that the authorities allowed to take the money without waiting for payday, most importantly, to have the sale.

Biznesmolodost - strong union of like-minded


Before the team to be in BM, has worked as a sales manager in another company.Frankly, the activities did not bring joy.And so like to be useful.Contact the Business young friend advised, too, by the way, a member of the BM.Coming here, I was in this team of associates, who are constantly improving their experience.Communication with colleagues and clients has helped to purchase a more confidence.I learned a lot, and now I share knowledge with newcomers.Manual (Sasha, Peter) - people are ambitious goals and objectives are set so that everything is clear from the first time.In an extreme case, explain again, not focusing on their superiority.And that, you see, a rarity in our time.I toil in BM and pleased with everything.

Manager support customers


Business young for me super-company, where I finally found everything he was looking for: and a decent income, which depends on me, and friendly colleagues are configured to self-developmenttraining and success.I always wanted to be surrounded by such people: young, self-confident.Even when confronted with other departments, constantly convinced of this.Working with customers, their support in itself is very interesting, I have learned a lot and continue to learn.BM even change my views, attitudes about money and goals.In biznesmolodosti I like the objectivity of the authorities, no one is trying to assert themselves at your expense, or unseat, no shovels these concepts.I would like the office was in a more respectable place, and then loaded around the noisy highway, unattractive landscape ... And some rooms are not very comfortable - summer heat utter, and the winter cold.Because of these nuances, many reputable customers formed a wrong opinion about the company.

Business young - new impetus to the aspirations


Like: great staff, excellent guide.The main advantage for me - in the company are able to help with the definition of motivation.The work here is perceived not as a duty but as a fulfillment of their own desires.The results are visible immediately, only depends on you own careers and earnings.Very well prepared to work with newcomers: identified specific plans in advance explains most of the difficulties that may be encountered biznesmolodost workers.Dislikes: many conversations with customers can not tiring, but in the process of exhaustion does not notice.

good mood guarantee good results


At work, my mom there are such "internal fighting value" that can shoot a movie or detective stories to write.Every evening, Mom tells stories fresh, we could not help listening to the next dinner waiting for information about the development of events.Recently, I caught myself thinking: how can we work in such conditions.In our company employees once to conduct "peaceful and lasting fights," We have an open and fair competition.I think that in a young team all busy personal career, aspire to real financial results.Therefore wasted on bickering, intrigues and gossip is simply unprofitable.Time is money.We sharpened to work with clients, we have showmanship, talk about the properties of, and so help you chooseWith the client to work honestly, to become a regular customer.Deceit, gossip and squabbles have no place in our business, we are always positive.Work in the positive with itself turns into a positive life.

Work for the young - the chance for active!


find a more suitable job for a young man is simply impossible.After graduation I had problems with the work: the role of office plankton sit all day long in one place, I could not.I am by nature a very active and restless people.Prior to joining the company I inspired myself I began to believe that my hyperactivity - a negative character trait, and is now confident to communicate, mobility and sociability - the main advantages.The first steps, I started with a very small base of regular customers, for 5 months of work, the number has increased by 2.5 times.I can boast of increasing number of loyal customers to our company.This is the result, so to say, tangible material.But most importantly for me, the satisfaction of communication, new acquaintances, negotiating with business people to help me develop.Since a long time have to spend in the workplace, we would like to have the opportunity if you wish to eat.But, unfortunately, in the dining room range rather meager, and what is proposed is not much appetite.I'd love to change in this regard, and that on an empty stomach works like - not very.