Many artists, comedians admit that give people around good mood sometimes extremely difficult.After all, in spite of what is happening in the soul, the actor has to smile and positive charge of others.

Semen Slepakov success story

One of the brightest stars of humor in recent years has Semen Slepakov.It was first spotted at the scene of KVN, where he appeared to the public as captain of the team "The team of Pyatigorsk."It is this game and became the fulcrum for him, because through it he found the long-awaited popularity. Thanks to the tenacity and talent of Simon Slepakov managed to reach greater heights, are now behind the young artist's grandiose projects, in which h
e acted as a comedian, producer, and even writer.

In 2006, Simon and his friend Garik Martirosyan launched its own project called "Our Russia».In 2010, he took the responsibilities of producer-screenwriter in "Nasha Russia.Eggs destiny. "In 2008, the comedian took the place of one of the show's writers and producers of "Univer", in 2011, produced the TV series "Univer.New hostel "and in 2012 he was made by the producer and writer of the series" Sasha + Tanya. "At the same time, he completed a project of Friends of the hostel.In 2010 he became a resident of Comedy Club, as well as producer and screenwriter, in one person, the series "Interns".

Pavel Volya - the hottest comedian Russia

In 2001, Paul moved to Moscow from the city of Penza, where he was born and grew up.Back in his native town of young talent found something for everyone, he worked at the radio station "Russian Radio.Penza ".Upon arrival in the capital got a TV channel Muz-TV broadcaster, but apart from that it was he who voiced the legendary character - Masyanya.He did not stay indifferent to the radio, so I try to look for jobs and on the station "Hit-FM». Like many artists, comedians, Paul Will began his career after successful games KVN, where he was captain of the team "Valeon Dasson."

Now Paul Will - this is one of the most popular comedians of Russia and CIS countries.In 2005, he participated in the project Comedy Club was the impetus for professional growth, this is where he showed was capable of.Then Paul hit on hundreds of offers to participate in various projects.

In 2007, the screens out of the country "Best Film" with Will, in which he played a major role.In 2011, Paul Will showed his true talent in the film "Office Romance.Our time ", where he was to play a very eccentric role: secretary director of the company.