The basis of Feng Shui is an idea of ​​the flow of qi energy, like wind that permeates all of space, including both animate and inanimate objects.Moreover, these flows can be both beneficial to humans and other living beings (harmonious) and unfavorable (inharmonious).Protection against ingress of inharmonious stream any obstacle can not, but you can not just be on his way.For example, place desktop or bed elsewhere, so that they were within range of a harmonious flow of chi energy.

In many western countries recently started a real boom in feng shui.This happened after the ethnic Chinese, Thomas Lin Yu, a US citizen, has created the so-c
alled "symbolic feng shui."According to his statements, any living space is divided into zones, the most favorable for a particular kind of activity.For example, for work, leisure, sex, communication with children, business, etc.

Lin Yu claimed that by going into some area, or even just putting it some amulet or talisman, a person activates it.These statements have become extremely popular, the owners of many businesses and private homes began to use the services of experts of this school, to properly arrange the furniture, sit employees, etc.Of course, for such services had to pay a symbolic feng shui was a very lucrative business.

however ancient, classical Feng Shui has nothing to such simplistic-material approach.He never used and did not use the concept of the "zone of love", "zone of wealth", etc.Moreover, it does not recognize the amulets and talismans.A specialist in classical Feng Shui is required to explain to the customer that does not exist and can not exist two absolutely identical houses.And because the energy of each individual dwellings should be calculated strictly individually.For each point on the Earth's surface has a very unique properties.The main condition - not to create places of stagnation of qi energy, so as not to attract the disharmonious flow.It is therefore recommended not to make homes in the long aisles, do not leave the bare, not cluttered furniture, corners and choose a beautiful, harmonious furniture.