Appearance master

After the reforms of Peter I nobility descended from the political scene in Russia, there was an appeal "master."People of the lower classes (serfs, workers, soldiers) called as landowner or bureaucrat.

In earlier times, the difference between the classes was very significant and strongly demonstrated.Therefore, representatives of the nobility tried behavior, appearance, clothing, different from the "lower-folk."If the peasants (as serfs and free), workers, tradesmen wore traditional national dress, the gentleman certainly was dressed in European fashion.He strictly followed the hands of the state, since their appearance once had to indicate that the person is not engaged in phys
ical labor.

Rules noble honor (and almost all the landlords and officials treated the nobility) is strictly demanded that marriage is between "equal".And since the majority of the nobility in the small towns and in the countryside consisted in the relationship between them, the result of intermarriage often children are born with characteristic genetic features.This went on from generation to generation.Therefore, the face of the master different from the human face of the common people.As a rule, he had pale skin, thin lips, elongated and pointed nose, narrow chin.The nobility are very proud of this external difference from the "vile folk", unaware of its genetic causes (because of genetics then knew nothing).

as portrayed by master artists

So far, came a lot manor portraits and paintings on everyday topics, which depicts a gentleman - alone or with family.They wrote as the serf artists and famous painters, he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts.In most cases, the master depicted in these paintings in the form of idle, no employed person who fully enjoy the peace against the backdrop of his house, orchard, gazebo by the pond, etc.Often artists to emphasize idleness gentleman, portrayed him in a dressing gown and slippers, flip-flops, with a long tube (shank) in hand.Next it could be displayed favorite hunting dog, as many landlords passionately fond of hunting.

Of course, not everyone is a gentleman led an idle life.Among the landowners had many zealous and skillful masters, and without officials can not do any one state.