Jewish people, according to researchers of different nationalities and ethnicities, different enough good intelligence and the ability to quickly navigate the situation.Because of this, they can in any, even the crisis situation all the time to analyze quickly assess their potential and succeed amid the global meltdown.For this they do not like, considering tricky.Also, many people do not like them because of this feature, because it seems as if the Jews are extremely selective and act only as they need.

In addition, the Jews accepted nepotism.They are always ready to help their relatives and friends who find themselves in a difficult position.They can also
help and the neighbors in his village.As a result, their communities are sufficiently numerous.Against the background of the modern denial of family values ​​and indiscriminate renunciation of the unity of all members of the family such behavior looks very strange.Plus, even if it is laminated to the view that all Jews are clever and quirky, it can cause dissatisfaction of other nations.After all, it would seem that a huge crowd of people just ready to circle all around the finger for their own benefit.

One of the main persecutors and haters of Jews in the world was, of course, Adolf Hitler.The reason for his fierce hatred called different events - from the fact that his father was a Jew, before that, his mother took the money from a neighbor, who belonged to this nation, and when it could not pay, he repeatedly raped her in front of Adolf.

Another reason to dislike this nationality is covered in the Bible.After all, the Jews were God's chosen people.These they considered themselves, and still.Many religious books have information on all the other nations of the world should live only to serve those whom the Lord himself has made rulers in the earth.Naturally, the international community such an approach is not like that.However, you should always keep in mind that not all Jews support these ideas.