Baptism in conscious age a very important step.This is not just a ceremony and dedication to the Orthodox faith, acceptance of all its rules and restrictions.
Before deciding on this serious, and perhaps most important in the life of action, be sure to visit the church.Hold the service, listen to the prayer the priest.Do not hesitate to go after a prayer to the priest and ask all your questions.He will respond to them.
Purpose of Baptism - is the desire to become one with God, to find his grace.To do this required the reject
ion of sinful thoughts, renunciation of evil spirits, faith, repentance, and repentance.
Before accepting baptism, you should be familiar with the Holy Scriptures, to study the life of a saint, read theological books.
being baptized on their own can people since 14 years.Before this rite is performed only with the permission of parents.
before the holy sacrament, it is desirable to purify not only spiritually but also physically.You need to fast and give up all bad habits.
You also need to choose a godfather.They may be as relatives and close friends.The main thing that these people were Orthodox and adhered to the rules of the Holy Faith.
If suddenly your surroundings could not find people willing to become your recipients, the ritual can be performed without them.Talk to the priest, perhaps he will agree to become your godfather, or ask someone from church officials.Such cases happened, the rules do not prohibit the ritual.
If you do not remember, whether perpetrated by a child on your baptism, and witness this event if not, you can be baptized.Only in this case the father in the prayer says, "If ye have not been baptized."The sacrament of baptism can be performed only once, as stated in the Bible.
sacrament of baptism is performed as follows.At first, my father reads the prayer of a man who is clothed in faith.At the same recipients is given a new name written in the canons of the Church.Further, three of prayer sounded from the unclean spirits.Then the cross and krestimy renounce Satan.Then the water in the font, and the oil sanctified.Recipients smeared with oil, and it is three times dipped in holy water.There baptismal vestments in a clean shirt, Confirmation and bypassing the font together with the priest, who read prayers.Shave a small patch of hair, which is sent to the baptismal font.
After baptism allowed the Communion, and then the newly Orthodox Christian is allowed to take the main church sacraments.