you need
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - wrenches;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a new light;
  • - plastic caps;
  • - alcohol.
Disconnect the car.To do this, open the hood and remove the plug "minus" to the battery.In no case do not try to replace the lamp when the ignition or disconnected battery terminal.This can cause severe damage.
Wash the back of the car to road dirt from getting into the inner grooves of the replacement size.Open the trunk, to gain access to the back side.Gently remove the trim.Usually it is attached to the plastic caps that are easily broken.Therefore, you should also stock up on some margin of plastic parts.They cost very little.
Find the wires to the back of the envelope.Carefully remove all the connectors.Now find the screws that secure th
e chassis dimensions are to the body.Remove them, noting the location of each.Now the size keep only plastic clips.Carefully remove the body, putting a little effort.
find on the back of the envelope plastic plug.Remove the bolt and remove it.Beneath it you will see the terminals that hold the bulb.Gently pull down the terminal side of the willows.Now you can remove the bulb from the socket.
Install the new bulb in place of the old.In no case do not touch the glass of new bulbs with your bare hands!Due to the remaining oil on the surface of the bulb may burn out at the first startup.
If you do touch the bulb, before installing it into the socket should be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth moistened with alcohol.Next, you need to collect marker lights in reverse order and replace.
Contact your dealer if you can not replace your own size.Also worth a visit dealership, if your car is under warranty.