Tip 1: How to make a panel of car

front panel in car plays a very important role.It is located on its devices, allowing not only to control the vehicle, but also to monitor his condition.Broken torpedo can give the driver and front passenger to a lot of discomfort.Worth remember that management car m faulty torpedo may cause an accident.
you need
  • - a set of screwdrivers;
  • - epoxy resin;
  • - bandage;
  • - film;
  • - lining.
Remove torpedo.For repairs panel must always be removed.To do this, read the manual of your vehicle.It should describe the process of removal.You should also visit the forum owners car minutes of your model.There you will find not only a description of the procedures for dismantling, but also all the pitfalls that should be feared.
Remove all covers.Remove the decorative parts.Also remove the steering wheel.If the glove box is removable and should be dismantled and its.Remove the subject and shift paddles.
find the location of each screw securing panel to the car body.C
arefully remove the pre-marked.
Gently pull the torpedo holding hands on the edge.In no case do not pull too hard!On the back side you find all the connectors.Label and disconnect them.
Pull torpedo from the car through the front passenger door.Perform a full dismantling of the panel.
Look carefully damage, repair if necessary.Cracked or bruised panel best replaced by a new one.If this is not possible, you have to restore the old.
Carefully inspect the place broken or cracked.Try to straighten out all the pieces of plastic so that they form a flat surface.
Turn panel face down.On the rear side by means of an epoxy resin and a conventional bandage fix a cracked plastic.Carefully promazhte all epoxy.Let dry resin.
Mask fracture place on the front side.This can be used as overlays, and film in any color.
Drag torpedo film or material, if you want to radically change her style.Use the best automotive leather or special film.Such materials are well adapted for use in the car, so are able to serve more than one year

Tip 2: How to make a panel for car

Tuning car dashboard - one of the most popular classes.But often available panel can not be upgraded in accordance with the desired result.Only one way out - to produce new panel "from scratch".
How to make a panel for car
you need
  • - material for the manufacture of body panels;
  • - glass pane;
  • - instrumentations;
  • - controls;
  • - LED backlight
First thoroughly examined the device standard panel, carefully read the instructions and diagrams to figure out all the nuances.Even the old Soviet car panel design is quite complicated.Create a homemade panel is not possible without a great knowledge of the device of your car.Draw drawing or sketch your ideas in full size.Place it all appliances and switches, to finally consider their relative position and make sure that when you install, they will not interfere with each other.
In the next stage of the material cut from the selected parts of the instrument panel or the entire panel entirely (depending on the design).With the old panel, remove or purchase new equipment.Prepare the fasteners, for both the instrument panel and for instrumentation and controls.Housing panel dye, perform lamination or the slinky material - it all depends on your idea.If you wish to disassemble the housing units, carefully remove them from arrowheads and dials for subsequent repainting or replacement on homemade.After tuning the instrument collect them back.
When creating a wooden instrument panel lamination it is necessary.Otherwise it razmoknet with time.When installing a new instrument panel of the arrow should point to the zero division.Install LED illumination devices and move them food.When selecting diodes into account their brightness and color to the readings were well visible, but the bright light does not blind the driver.Move the drives to devices and wiring.After the installation of instrumentation embed switches and connect them.When you cut the holes for the installation of technological devices and switches, be careful and take your time, do not have to redo the work from scratch.
In the next step, set the glass on the new panel, if your project involves him.Thus it is possible to use glass with an old instrument panel or any other panel.Before installation, inspect it for scratches and grind if necessary.Any cracks and scratches on the glass panel of devices will interfere with the readings seen.After the final assembly of the instrument panel is completely check its performance and make it to the final installation of the car.