you need
  • - end wrenches, hexagon and the type TORX;
  • - a new timing belt;
  • - candle key;
  • - coolant;
  • - the capacity to collect the coolant.
Regardless of the model of your Audi replace belt timing within the time specified in the schedule of servicing the vehicle.In addition, the detection of signs of deterioration, mechanical damage immediately change the belt.
When viewed from belt twist it, bend at sharp angles.Do not turn the crankshaft holding camshafts and timing belt pulleys as well as in an inappropriate direction.After removing the belt drive, avoid accidentally turning the crankshaft or camshaft.
Prepare a new belt.He must not have any trace of dirt and grease.Also, do not twist it and bend at sharp angles.When installing not a new belt, be sure to observe the direction of rotation - it should remain the same.
braked vehicle parking brake and disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminals.Remove the spark plugs.Because of the cooling system, drain all liquid in a pre-prepared container.Remove belts auxiliary vehicle systems.Then remove the radiator fan with its bracket.Also, remove the thermostat housing.
Unscrew the bolt and remove the crankshaft pulley.Then remove both covers a belt drive.Turning the crankshaft clockwise until the piston of the first cylinder in the TDC.In this position the mark on the crankshaft and flywheel should be combined.Remove the crankshaft pulley washer.Loosen the bolt, pull the tension roller from a belt and fasten it in position, tighten the bolt again.Remove the belt and check the condition of the rollers.Finding them defects, replace them with new ones.
Before installing a new belt, make sure that the timing marks are not shifted.Putting a new start with a belt pulley of a cam and then - in a clockwise direction.After the new belt is worn, re-check the correct position of adjusting labels.If these labels are shifted from its original position, repeat the procedure for putting on the belt first.Turn the crankshaft clockwise so that the mark S in the exhaust camshaft pulley is aligned with the mark.
the tension wheel into place, tighten the fixing bolt to 37-52 Nm.Check the deflection of a new belt.By clicking on his upper arm with a force of 10 kgf its deflection should be in the region of 7.5-8.5 mm.Replace all removed components in the reverse order of removal.Crankshaft pulley bolts tightened to 12-17 Nm.Fill the cooling system, screw the spark plug, connect the battery negative lead.