When a statements from an employee, make sure that it was the date and signature of the employee, as well as the resolution of his immediate superior.To register for the paper write "Received", set the current date reception statements .Next, specify the position of the person who registers a document, write the name of the registrar and sign.
If this statement on dismissal, hiring, vacation and other personnel documents, it registers the personnel department in the regis
ter of applications.Assign the application sequence number following the last recorded document.
in the appropriate fields of the magazine make information on the date of receipt, the full name of the employee who filed the application.For a large company, you must also specify an additional business unit and employee number of the employee.Then briefly specify the essence of the document (layoff, vacation, or other).In a separate resolution the head of the field record on the applicant.
when any application by mail must complete log of incoming correspondence.Assign application serial number of the incoming document.In the journal, specify the date of its receipt, the full name and address of the sender, as well as the employee sign the acceptance letter.In the same way mark in the journal contents of the document and the final resolution on his head.Incoming document, you must register immediately upon his arrival.