you need
  • Instructions CBR from 15.06.2004 N 117 "On the Procedure for Residents and non-residents to authorized banks of documents and information in the implementation of foreign exchange transactions, the accounting for the authorized banks of foreign currency transactions and registration of transaction passports"
To get a basis for the extension of the passport of the transaction, enclose with your foreign partner an additional agreement to the contract, indicating a new period of its validity, as well as to make any other changes.In addition, direct to the bank, which opened the transaction passport, a letter of intent
to renew or re-register on other grounds.
Proceed according to the instructions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from 15.06.2004 №117-I and have the following documents: - 2 copies of the passport of the transaction, issued in view of the changes made to the contract, ie,the new validity period, originally signed by the head of the enterprise and the seal - signed by the parties additional agreement to the contract - the original or a copy certified by signature and seal; - permit the exchange control of the bank for currency transactions under the agreement through the accounts opened with a foreign bankserving your partner, if any, required by the rules of the currency legislation - other documents at the request of the servicing bank.
to transfer to the bank re-registered transaction passport and supporting documents comply with the terms of either the next day, the currency transaction, or another date of the bank documents and information in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on foreign exchange control.
After receiving the necessary documents bank mark on both copies of the passport of the transaction date stamp of your documents for re-registration, and then sign the passport of the transaction.Keep in mind that initially assigned by the bank transaction passport number is stored in its extension or any other renewal until the parties obligations under the contract and the closing of the transaction passport and files on it.