Shape magazine registration orders .In large enterprises engaged in this individual employee records management, small companies for this purpose designate a responsible person.Use can be approved as a form of registration books , and developed independently.
Make a magazine cover registration orders .It should be made of a dense material that the sheets orders not get crushed during storage.It is worth noting that these documents should be kept in the company for at least 5 years.
Write on the cover of the name of the company, the name of the book and the period.Depending on the frequency of publication orders in the organization of the magazine registration can be calculated for the month, quarter or year.On the
reverse side of the cover contains information about the responsible person for the management and storage of documents.
Select one of the storage orders book registration .They can be pasted or inserted into the register by means of the binder.The second option is preferable in case you need to get one of orders and make a copy.All orders must be factored in chronological order.Some businesses leave the backup numbers that may be needed to carry out orders retroactively.However, this method is illegal, so do not abuse it.
develop a common form for orders enterprise.As a rule, letterhead, on top of which there is a pre-defined details of the company: name, address and registration information.
Arrange the order.Put the number and date of preparation.Then come up with the title, which should briefly answer the question "what?".The main text consists of a statement of the grounds of the order and the administrative part.At the end put the signature manager or other authorized person.
After this order is issued in the book registration orders .If the document is affected employees, for example, is formed by the Commission, these persons must be noted that acquainted with the order and sign.