Termination of the contract by mutual agreement is acceptable according to st.450 Civil Code and provides for the mutual decision of the parties on the need for its dissolution.Virtually every contract can be terminated agreement of the parties, with the exception of contracts to third parties.
If the termination of the agreement is permissible under this principle, and sides agreed on the need for termination of the contract, an appointment with the contractor and discuss all the details of the cancellation of contractual obligations.The agreements secure dokumentalno.Delo that
the termination of the agreement is not always free of charge.Most often, there is a need to compensate for the losses incurred and the cost side.That's why you need to work out a solution that will satisfy each of the parties and allow the conflict-cancel the contract signed earlier.
document the meeting and make an agreement on its results.The agreement between the parties provide full details of the agreement, which is subject to cancellation, the participants, the basis for his termination, expiration date, if there is agreement on the compensation of losses - the form of compensation, its amount and terms of payment.
In the case of cancellation of the contract if there is no mutual settlement, and, for example, transfer of debt or delegation necessarily seek further formalized consent of the creditor.Note that if such consent is not obtained, the agreement on the termination of the obligation is recognized null and void.Transfer of Debt Make simultaneously agreement parties and is in the form in which was concluded the initial transaction (contract, agreement, contract, commitment, etc.)
separate item fix the fact that thethe conditions specified in the agreement, parties will have mutual claims against each other.This point is worth making, even in cases where the contract is terminated in connection with the Parties fulfill their obligations.
agreement of the parties prepare in duplicate, reassure seals and signatures of both parties to the original contract.