Registration of passports involved two ministries: Interior and Foreign Affairs.Last registers documents to those who are outside the country, or persons performing public order.The rest of the citizens should be treated in a structure called the Federal Migration Service (FMS).
To find out where to apply for a passport, you first go to the official website of the Federal Migration Service in your city.Look at the addresses of units and select the nearest to your place of residence.
Through the same site make an initial reception, take advantage of the phone, or online.It will save you time by facilitating the procedure of obtaining the passport.However, remember that in many cases (it depends on the city) Pre-registration entitles you only to complete the questionnai
re.After that you have to, like the others, waiting their turn to give the documents.
easiest, but not quite familiar way to issue a passport - to use site can not only find the address unit, which will take your documents, but also create an online request.The request is made to all the necessary information filled in automatically, and you do not have to spend the extra time.
pre-register online, go through the personal account page, which shows the state services provided.Select your suitable "Getting passport" and fill out the required fields, following the prompts.
After the procedure, you will receive a letter in the mail, which will contain the exact address and the units and the documents that need to carry a passport to finalize.