Tip 1: How to increase the capacity of cars

All methods of increasing the power automobile engine have both positive and negative sides.All these methods are used anyway to give the vehicle speed, and improved dynamic properties.
Increase of engine is made by replacing the crankshaft or via bore (increase in diameter) cylinders.At the increased capacity and traction.The method is applicable to virtually any machines, but results in a drop in engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.
Increasing the degree of compression is achieved by milling the underside of the cylinder head, the pistons installing more convex top or modified camshaft.Lets raise engine efficiency, increase capacity and reduce fuel consumption.On the other hand, after this upgrade is necessary to use higher quality gasoline with a high octane number.
Chip tuning changes the program of work of the electronic control unit, increasing engine power.When using chip-tuning removes all constraints (power, speed, rpm).Program chip-tuning, aim
ed at increasing power and torque, neglected environmental friendliness, economy and engine life.Program "light" chip tuning almost no flaws, but produce a small increase in power by eliminating errors in the production version of the software.
Reduce the flow resistance of the inlet air can be the installation of the air filter zero resistance, alteration of the throttle body, boring and grinding of the intake manifold, valve replacement valves in the enlarged diameter bore and air ducts.In addition to the relative high cost of the process and the effect of increasing the power of the weak is no shortage.
Reducing resistance to flow of exhaust gases is achieved by installing a special exhaust system with larger diameter pipes and exhaust manifolds with a minimum number of bends.
Install turbocharger (compressor) on the car increases the number of combustible fuel mixture in the cylinders by feeding it under increasing pressure.Very effective and common means of tuning the car: many automakers began to produce compressors and turbines for their models.Disadvantages: loss of life, especially in the engines, was not originally designed to fit naturally aspirated (compressor).In addition, the turbocharged engine is more demanding on the quality of fuel and oil, have increased fuel consumption.
Installation intercooler - supply air intercooler.The cooled air is compressed, allowing the cylinders to apply a somewhat greater amount of air in the composition of the fuel mixture.Mounted in tandem with a turbocharged and complements it by increasing the positive effect on the application.
Relief mass of moving parts of the engine increases power by reducing energy loss to drive the engine parts.For this pistons, connecting rods and valves are replaced by a similar, made of a light metal alloy.

Tip 2: How to increase the capacity of the car

Agree, nice when you're from a place overtaking his opponent at the traffic lights.When you are confident that under the hood is a motor with which few amateur riders can compete.If you do not like factory equipment car , and you want to squeeze out a lot more, then you need to seriously think about how nice it would be to increase the capacity of machine.
How to increase the capacity of the car
Reducing the flow resistance of the air - the first way.It consists in replacing the conventional air filter to the filter of zero resistance and installation of direct-flow mufflers.Then capacity increases by an average of twenty percent.It should be noted that the method is not cheap, but we shall not consider the economic side of the issue.It is also possible to reduce the air resistance by replacing or boring and grinding of the intake manifold, cylinder head alterations, turbo installation.
Optimization richness - the second way.It consists in changing the amount of fuel for various modes of operation.By increasing line pressure, adjusting the fuel pressure regulator and changes in work program of the electronic control unit (so-called chip-tuning).
Release Optimization - a third way.It is to improve the purge cylinders by reducing the resistance of the exhaust manifold and the muffler (best set of pipes of large diameter).You can also chisel the cylinder block, pistons and trim replace the crankshaft.But it is will require intervention in the mechanical part of the engine, thus you will not be able to receive warranty repair services.Therefore it is best to remove most power with your existing motor, without resorting to mechanical stress on the engine itself.
Carried away by tuning to improve the capacity of the car, do not forget that often buy a more powerful car can cost less serious tuning.In addition, the tuning of the engine not only allows the vehicle to realize the increased power.As a result, should be altered chassis, powertrain, suspension, etc.At this cost, buy more powerful cars would be more justified in terms of cash costs.
Helpful Hint
increase engine power must precede the engineering and mathematical calculation.In its absence, the installation of additional devices to the engine can result in degradation of the efficiency and service life without increasing capacity.Contact specialized firms with experience in engine tuning, as well as qualified specialists and their equipment.
independently increase the engine power is possible only by applying those available manufacturers of kits designed for self-installation on the engine or a particular type.
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