you need
  • - screwdriver.
Removing the battery is done in several steps.First you need to completely turn off the car ignition and the lock of a cowl from the salon.Then lift the engine compartment lid and remove the negative terminal from the battery, and then move it to the side.
After opening the cover of the fuse holder.To do this, on both sides, squeeze it with your fingers and open upwards.Then you will need to loosen the first fixing of the wire that goes to the positive terminal.
marking fuses, which are located in a holder in the back to install any confusion.Then remove them from the spring contacts and unscrew the nuts of the holder.Unplug the electrical connector that comes to him.
With blade screwdriver or your fingers, disconnect the fuse holder from the battery case.Then remove the battery from the device.
Loosen and remove the conductive plate with the positive terminal.If there thermofilter housing and remove it by opening the appropriate direction and removing the item from the fasteners.At the bottom of the battery, unscrew the bolt and remove the holder plate.
Slide the battery slightly to the side to release the fixing of the second party.Remove the screws holding the battery and remove the battery.Removing the battery is completed.To install a new battery make the above steps in reverse order.