you need
  • - voltmeter;
  • - hydrometer;
  • - loading fork.
Remove dirt from the battery case, wipe it dry as dirt and moisture are the cause of his discharge - water is a good conductor of electric current.Ambient temperature also affects the condition of the battery.He can be discharged during the night, if you leave the car in the bitter cold on the street or in an unheated garage.
Remove the battery from both terminals, strip them with a file or knife by stripping all the dross.Check the condition of the terminals on the generator, a starter on the car body.Strip all connections, as the scale they are insulators and interfere with the passage of an electric current.Ru
sty washer replaced.Check the condition of the conductor "engine - the case."
Determine the level of electrolyte in the battery.This is done visually.Remove all plugs covering banks (cell) battery, and look inside.The electrolyte should cover completely the upper edges of the plates.If it is dropped, pour into a battery cell with distilled water, which can be purchased at any auto shop.After that needs to be charged.
Charge the battery on the charger by setting the value of the current at a rate of 1/10 of the battery capacity.Charging should be done within 10-12 hours.
Check specific gravity using a hydrometer.It is necessary to measure in each battery bank.Considered normal density of 1.25-1.27 g / cm3.If it is at least in one of the cells is less than the above figures, the work charged battery will be ineffective.
Check loading plug voltage charged battery.It must not go down for 5 seconds below 12 volts.If the battery fails the test, buy a new one, or contact the service center for repair.However, we must note that after the repair it can quickly become unusable.
It is known that the battery is charging from the generator during engine operation.If the generator is defective, the battery will be working in polurazryazhennom condition.To "hang up" the reason for his inefficient work on the generator, it is necessary to have a car at idle and measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter.Considered normal voltage is 14 volts at a discharge rate - 12 volts.
Turn on all electrical consumers when running at idle speed the car engine and then measure the voltage at the battery.If the voltage falls below 14 volts, the generator has a fault.Unfortunately, on their own to repair the generator without special knowledge is difficult.Refer this problem to an experienced electricy.