you need
  • - authorization for the object;
  • - sanitary-epidemiological conclusion;
  • - a license for the retail trade;
  • - permit issued by the fire safety authorities.
Choose the right room.It is best to place the pizza on a busy street or a square.So you will ensure a steady flow of visitors.
Please arrange permission for the object.To obtain this document, you should contact the Federal Service.The next step is to obtain a permit, which is issued by the fire safety authorities.
sure to contact the SES.Here you will get sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.The document gives the chief doctor sanepildestantsii.Registration and issuance of permits is carried out within seven to ten days.
In order to get permission to provide the certificate of state registration;Finally, fo
r the products and raw materials.It will be necessary tenancy agreement.In addition, you are required results of the medical examination of personnel.You also need a contract for garbage collection.
to open a pizzeria require multiple licenses.If you plan to sell alcohol and cigarettes institution must obtain a license to sell alcohol and tobacco products.And you need a license for the retail trade.Then you should contact the local authorities and obtain a patent for the implementation of trade activities.
So, you have collected the bulk of the documents.Now you have to choose the legal form.This can be a sole proprietorship, or of Company.Each form has its advantages and nedostatki.Prosche and cheaper to IP Register up.
If you do not want to waste time on visits to various authorities, is to find a law firm that will undertake the preparation of documents.You need to find a reliable bank in which you open a checking account for your business services.
It should certainly pay attention to the requirements of the room, which makes SES.This place should not be placed in a basement or a basement.The room must have to be a hot and cold water, drainage and ventilation.Distance to residential buildings must be at least 50 m.
Note the walls, they should be painted or tiled to a height of 1.75 m. The pizzeria has to be room for raw materials, flour, toilet.Only if all of the above will authorize SES.
of any enterprise is impossible without a business plan.This document must be carefully prepared.It is better to entrust the development of its professionals.A properly written business plan will help your business to occupy a strong position in the market, and you - to achieve financial success.