you need
  • - registration number of the insured;
  • - INN;
  • - e-mail;
  • - passport or power of attorney;
  • - a contract with the FIU of the electronic document.
My account payer FIU may be of interest both companies and individual entrepreneurs making payments to the fund for themselves and employees.It allows real-time to produce a reconciliation of settlements with the Fund for insurance payments, form of payment documents, receipt of funds to control the pre-check report DAM-1, download the relevant forms.Get listed services available after registration in your account and receive a personal code.
Please visit their regional FIUs in the section "Personal acc
ount of the payer of insurance premiums."On the next page, enter the TIN registration and e-mail.
further specify the best way to receive a password - electronically, by mail (registered mail) or by personal visit to the FIU.You also need to enter in the picture.It is necessary to press the "Get activation code".
you specified registration information go to the Pension Fund and will be processed within 5 days.Thereafter, an activation code consisting of 20 digits will be referred to one of the selected methods.
Each method has its own nuances receipt.For example, electronic activation password can only be obtained if there is an agreement with the RPF.
When sending mail password can obtain an authorized representative of the insurer.However, the code is sent only to the registered address of the company or IP address registration (referred to in the statement of EGRIP or Entities).
When a personal visit to the FIU you should have documents confirming the authority of the applicant.This could be a passport or a power of attorney.
After receiving the code must be entered in the registration window.Then confirm the conditions of access to an Internet resource, type and enter your own password.This will open access to all your personal account.