Tip 1: How to transfer W / h W

When calculating the amount of electricity consumed is customary to use the term "kilowatt hours ».This value is the actual power consumption device power N kilowatt hours of X.
To begin understand, what kind of value you need to take into account.The fact that very often when calculating electricity concept kilowatt hours kilowatts and confused.Although kilowatts - a capacity (i.e. the amount of energy consumed by the device), and kilowatt-hour - is the amount of time consumed per hour.
Please note that the data on energy consumption in the electric meter specified in kilowatts.To put them in watts, multiply the number of one thousand kilowatts.Thus, 1 kilowatt * 1000 = 1000 watts.
Since watt- hours or kilowatt-hours - is the number of watts for a certain period of time for the calculation you need to know for what period of time is taken figure.Divide the watt-hours by the number of hours for which payment is made.
For example, you know that in the p
ast month (30 days) of electricity consumption metering devices is 72 kilowatt / hour.Multiply this figure by a thousand.To get the number of watts.68.4 * 1000 = 68400 watts / hour.Now divide the resulting number by 720. That's the number of hours in one month (30 * 24 = 720).68400/720 = 95 watts.It turns out that during the month of constantly burning a light bulb 95 watts of power.
Remember that these data will be wearing the approximate average character if you make a general calculation.It is impossible to single out one particular appliance.This formula does not account for the loss of energy also.To calculate the power watts for a single device, you must connect it to the network in a single copy, leaving on for hours.The resulting figure will be the unknown quantity.For example, if the network has been inserted electroirons.Require one hour 1500 watts / hour, power consumption of the device will be just 1500 watts.

Tip 2: How to convert Watts

When used in the calculation of physical quantity such as power, are often required to translate Watts to other units.The task is complicated by the fact that the technique still used outdated power units, such as "horsepower."But having all the necessary tables and formulas to translate Watts quite easy.
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To put Watts in appropriate units, use the following tablitsey.Odin Watt matches: Millie Watts - 1000
Watt - 1
Kilo Watts - 0,001
Megawatt - 0,000001
Joules per second - 1
Horsepower - 0,00134
Metric horsepower - 0,00136
Electrical horsepower - 0,00134
Boiler horsepower - 0,000102
foot-pounds per minute - 44,25
foot-pounds per second - 0,74
dBm - 30
Calories per hour - 859,85
calories per hour - 0,86
British thermalunits per second - 0,000948
British thermal units per hour - 3,41
ton cooling - 0,000284
order to transfer the power specified in watts, in a different unit, just multiply a given numberby an appropriate factor.For example, if the power of the engine of the car is 100,000 watts, the "horsepower" it would be: 134 hp
If you are asked to translate watts in amps, you should not blame the interlocutor of incompetence and inadequacy.Specify the conditions under which the appliance is used.If the device is connected to a household electrical outlet, screwed into elektropatron, or in some other way connected to a conventional power supply, it is likely to use 220 volts AC.Given that the voltage, current and power are interrelated by the formula P = UI, where
P - power,
U - voltage,
I - current strength, we get a simple formula: I = P / 220.
That is, in order to calculate a current (amps) to withstand your power grid for a new unit, divide power (in watts) at 220.
Similarly, you can convert watts in ampsfor any electrical device, if you know its voltage.
even easier to translate Watts , taking advantage of numerous programs-converters or on-line services, for example, http://www.convertworld.com/ru/moshhnost/Ватт.html
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