you need
  • - the program iTunes, installed on your computer;
  • - program-file converter.
Make sure that your PC is installed iTunes, which is required for synchronization with the music player and download it for books, photos and applications.If you have not yet installed iTunes, then download the program from the official website and install it following the instructions of the installer.
2 Connect the player to your computer via USB-cable.Search to find iTunes iBooks app and download it by clicking on the Free App, or Download.If the player is not connected to your computer, download the application you want to connect to the production network Wi-Fi, then find and open the Appstore i
n the player.
When Appstore opens, click the "Search" and type in the iBooks.When an application is found, click on it with your finger to open the page.Click on the blue button-box Free, then the green Install.Enter the password of your account in iTunes, if necessary.Appstore itself will be curtailed, start downloading the application to your iPod.
download books that you want to transfer to your player, from the Internet to your computer.Highlight a book in the folder where you saved them by holding the Shift key and left mouse button.If the books are arranged in a row, it is sufficient to hold the Shift key and click the first and last book.If you are not in a row, hold down Ctrl and click on the left mouse button on the book.Copy by clicking on the keyboard Ctrl + C.
On the computer do the active window iTunes.Click the Books («Book"), if any, in the section Devices («My devices") and insert the copied book combination Ctrl + V.Books will be pumped into the player.
Books tab If not, then open any of those that have (for example, "Music"), and insert to the book by pressing Ctrl + V.This will start downloading the necessary books.The next time you see the iTunes Books tab in the left menu.
pumped into the player the book can be viewed in the application iBooks.To do this, open it and click on the book.If you need to see the documents format .pdf, click on the rectangle "Books" at the top and select PDF.Pages are scrolled by pressing the left or right of the screen.
Save the text from the Internet in the "Notes".To do this connect to the access point Wi-Fi and open the browser installed on your player (default - Safari).Enter either the address of the site in the address bar or the name into the search engine Google.
When the site opens with the text, hold your finger on the bits you want in a few seconds.A pop-up black tip.Click "Select All" or "Select".If you press "Select", then stretch the blue dots on the corners of the resulting light-blue rectangle until until after the text you want to highlight.When this is done, release.
prompt appears - press "Copy".Then open the "Notes" in the iPod, press the upper right corner "+" to create a new note, and click on any area of ​​the opened sheet.Hold your finger on it until you see the prompt "Insert".Click on it, and the text appears.Then click "Finish".The text will be saved, now it can be read in the notes.