Think about what you will do the repair, and make a list of works.No matter how you hoped on its own strength, knowledge and skills, some construction work, the quality of the performance of which depends on the quality of all repair, it should be trusted only to professionals.In this case, nothing you do not have to redo.These types of work include, for example, concrete screed, for which it is necessary to make waterproofing;installing plumbing and installation of floor heating and gas equipment installation.If you had never plastered ceilings, it is better not to suffer and book cheap stretch - will be smooth, and beautiful.
Once the ceilings are made, you can do the walls.If they are misaligned, you can align them with the plaste
ring, but easier and cheaper to use for this drywall.In the case where the area of ​​the room is small, you can do without plasterboard walls help conceal irregularities textured wallpaper with a pattern.To paste over the wall in a room of 20 square meters, you need a primer, adhesive, wallpaper and one day off.Of course, it will go much faster if you have a helper.
easiest to put on their own floor, as modern materials are ideal for self-repair.All of them are equipped with instructions for installation and assembly.Easiest laying linoleum, but is more complex and laying laminate.Of course, ideally, you will need to make a new smooth concrete floor and provide noise insulation, but if you want to make inexpensive repairs, a new floor can be laid on top of the old one.In the case where the flooring will be updated throughout the apartment, you will have no sex differences in height in different rooms.
If the house of the old buildings, the apartment is better to change the door to new, because those doors are installed before, are neither quality nor design.Install the new modern doors that will decorate any room, it is too easy, you can do it yourself with the help of a partner.