From the history of dolls

children played with dolls since antiquity.Archaeologists found the dolls during excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs and ancient settlements.In Russia, they were made of different materials - rags, straw, wood and clay.Gradually in different countries began to develop actively doll industry, there beauty in exquisite dresses made of porcelain.Then replace the porcelain came cheaper and not as brittle plastic and vinyl.Widespread jointed doll can take a variety of poses.

You can have different attitudes to the Soviet industry, however, we should remember what wonderful toys were made at that time.Especially famous puppet of the recognized capital of Zagorsk (now - Sergi
ev Posad) and Ivanovo, where issued an unusually beautiful doll chipboard.

Today, stores selling goods for children, filled with monotonous Chinese products.Initially, they were faceless fashionista Barbie, Bratz and Moxie, which manufacturers have set the task to involve girls in the fashion world.Then came the popular Winx feechki whose appearance is not contributed to the formation of artistic taste.However, it was not so scary.

Modern puppet monsters

In 2010, screens out American animated television series "Monster High", which became the central character in the children's most notorious fictional characters - Dracula, the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.Soon began to appear never-ending series of dolls in the image of a young audience favorite "monstryashek."They have now become perhaps the most popular children's toys.

I must say, even the pupa in its own stylish.However, one of them sticking out of his mouth sinister fangs, the other - the joints on the face.No less "colorful" look and accompanying accessories - such as cots in the form of coffins.Sometimes a toy coffin complemented by appropriate attributes - white shoulder blade, and even slippers.So now my children's favorites are placed to sleep in a coffin to the sound of a funeral march.

Psychologists and doctors are sounding the alarm for a long time, because these toys teach children respect for death as a game and can promote the formation of suicidal tendencies.Sadly, many parents do not realize it themselves buy their daughters dolls in coffins.