In 2008, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the federal target program (a federal target program), entitled "Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2015).", Aimed at the modernization of transport infrastructure, including roads and to modernize.The plans were ambitious program: Russian Ministry of Transport officials have planned a lot of investment and hope for the years to spend on road repairs in Mother Russia an impressive amount - 4.65 trillion rubles.But to suddenly come to a crisis, and the servants of the pe
ople had to radically revise the grandiose plans.

For example, in 2010 for the repair and construction of roads is going to send 507 billion rubles, was allocated only 234, of which for repairs spent 186 billion.And in 2011, according to Transport Minister IELevitin, could become a disaster - money for the modernization of transport infrastructure virtually no budget can be difficult to carve out 57 billion rubles.This amount would not be enough even for road repair, what can you dream of building new.

However, the government has found an original way out of difficult situations.In 2011, spending on highways have been planned in the amount of 455 billion rubles, which was nowhere to take.

As a result, the main source of funds did the federal road fund, the scope of which had reached 387 billion rubles, and the fund should be replenished by Russian motorists.

In the recent past, Deputy Prime Minister SBIvanov said that to solve the problem with upgrading of roads only on the principle of "one of our remarkable road goes, that because of their condition even be calculated."That is, since car owners are not satisfied with the state of the road surface, they destroy themselves and, traveling in their own vehicles, then let them participate in its repair.Thus was created the above-mentioned road fund, which will be filled for our expense.Ivanov suggested following simple scheme: to increase the excise tax on gasoline and motor vehicle tax repeal.The argument is this: let them pay those who frequently rides and more.As a result of the excise tax increase, but the transport tax is not abolished, but simply gave it the issue at the mercy of the regions.

to the Government assured that all proceeds from the increase in excise taxes will go to road repair.And thanks to the funds received by increasing excise taxes on gasoline, in the very near future, the majority of federal highways will be put in order.

Here's how experts assess the situation."Indexation of excise taxes will be reflected in the cost of fuel" - so the situation commented deputy commercial director of the company "LUKOIL - Uralnefteproduct" Eugene Mikryukov.