very naming holiday Antipascha can be translated as "standing in front of Easter" or "instead of Easter."The name speaks of a time of celebration of the Christian celebration.The name of the feast of St. Thomas week heralds the appearance of the risen Christ to the apostles, among which emphasizes the assertion of St. Thomas in the faith in the miraculous resurrection of Christ.

Gospels tell of the few phenomena of the resurrected Jesus Christ to his disciples.For example, in one of the evangelical narrative refers to the appearance of Christ to the Apostles on the evening of the Resurrection itself.Among the closest disciples of Christ were not the Apostle Thomas.Other apostles proclaimed Thomas of the reality of the resurrection of the S

avior, but Thomas did not believe to hear the story.The Apostle expressed a desire to see with their own eyes the risen Christ and even touch it, put your hand "ribs" and witness the wounds on the hands of Christ.

Eight days after this miraculous appearance to the apostles Christ is again to his disciples, including Thomas was already present.Christ himself offered neutverdivshemusya apostle of faith to see with their own eyes the wounds on his hands.Also, Jesus asked the apostle Thomas to put his hand to the ribs of the risen Savior.Jesus asked the apostle Thomas, "not be faithless, but believing."What he saw firsthand the miracle of the resurrection of Christ the Apostle ever made to establish itself in the faith, as evidenced by the student and became an exclamation of Christ, testify that Christ is Lord and God.

should also mention the fact that Jesus asked the apostles of food in order to prove the reality of his resurrection, denying the possibility of thinking about what the disciples saw a ghost.

drew particular attention to the words of Christ that Thomas saw and believed, but blessed are "not seen and yet have believed."This promise of the Savior refers to all those who have their heart and soul perceives the belief in the resurrection of Christ, with no real visible evidence.

This gospel story is a reminder to every person, not only the fact of the resurrection of Christ, but also of the need for saving human perception of the miracle of the resurrection of Christ, as if Christ is not risen, vain is the whole man's faith in the Savior.