blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb shout for joy, lame firmly on their feet!All this was true at the time when Jesus lived.Jesus did it unselfishly and absolutely free of charge.

as Jesus healed people

Moreover, Jesus had the ability to even raise people from the dead.In Scripture written several such cases.

History knows of several cases where Jesus performed miracles.Once brought to him a blind man.Jesus decided that you need to restore sight to th
e man gradually.At first, taking his hand, he put his saliva on his eyes.The man saw trees that were moving.Blind suggested that he saw people.Then Christ again touched the eyes of the patient, and he began to see everything clearly.

Why did Jesus considered it important to restore sight to the man gradually?While the precise answer is nowhere given, many make some assumptions.The man who was blind and could not see for many years, or even from birth, becoming seeing, is facing a huge shock.The fact that Jesus has returned sight gradually reveals that he was very sensitive and able to empathize with people.

Another case of healing has occurred at a time when Jesus returned from the vicinity of Tyre.Brought to Jesus a deaf man who had a speech disorder.Again, Christ showed his great qualities!He took the man aside, perhaps realizing that he may be ashamed of the crowd, and to one side is completely healed him.Jesus put his fingers in his ears and, spitting, touched his tongue.Then people like again began to live!His ears began to hear the language of moving, and it was clean.

Making healing, Jesus often watched while the sky and let out a sigh of characteristic, thereby showing that he turns for help to his father.

also Christ did not remain indifferent to paralyzed people.Once brought to him a man, and he saw in these people a deep faith in him.So he healed the paralytic, saying that he forgives all sins.

Christ did not remain indifferent to the people who suffered from a terrible disease for life.Once the group of lepers he healed.At that time, the disease is considered to be one of the worst.Occasionally someone might recover on their own.In Jesus' time these people lived separately from civilized society.To them, no one could come and they could not see healthy people for decades.Christ, when faced with such people not to be indifferent to them.It is with joy and willingness to heal everyone.

Where did Jesus had the power to heal and treat patients

Whenever Jesus healed someone, it repays all the glory to God for that.He emphasized that the gift of healing he received from his Father in heaven.But Jesus never used any sorcery or witchcraft.Therefore, it should have been called a healer, not a medicine man.