Many Orthodox Christians refer to the date of March 8 as International Women's Day, which is caused by the history of the holiday, became widespread during the Soviet era in Russia.The very naming of the festival "International Women's Day" is a mistake, because not all the countries of Europe on March 8, women are honored.

For Orthodox believers there is a special day on the calendar, which means congratulations to all the ladies.This celebration has received the honor of naming the holy woman named in the Christian tradition and culture of the myrrh bearers.

Names Myrrhbearers following: Martha and Mary (the sister of Lazarus), Equal to the Apostles, Mary Magdalene, Susanna, Salome, Joanna the wife of Cleophas, and Mary.Church calls these women myrrh bearers, because they w

anted to perform a ritual duty to the dead body of the Saviour.The holy women had to anoint the body of Jesus Christ after the burial of special fragrant aromas, name the world.For this early in the morning on Saturday, the women went to the tomb of Christ.

Evangelicals called the following names of the women who came to the tomb of the Savior.Matthew is Mary Magdalene and "the other Mary";Mark - Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James (the mother of James the Apostle from among 70), Salome (the mother of the apostles James and John from among 12);Luke - Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary (the mother of James) and "others with them";John - Mary Magdalene.

says Scripture and the Christian tradition, these women were especially close to the Lord, they are the disciples of the Savior.Some of the Myrrh-bearers after the death of Christ preached the gospel around the world.These include a St. Mary Magdalene, for his assiduous work for the spread of the Christian faith called Equal to the Apostles Church.Among other bearers were the mother of the Apostles.For example, the mother of the Apostle James (the first bishop of Jerusalem) and Mother Mary John the Evangelist and St. James Zebedee Salome.Bearers Saints John and Susanna believed in Christ after the sermon of the Savior and follow Him.Mary the wife of Cleophas was the daughter of the righteous Elder Joseph the Betrothed by his first marriage.

All these holy women have revealed his life an example of great love for the Lord, as in the Savior's earthly life and after his death.Bearers also can be put in as an outstanding example of the mothers who have raised great people, in particular the Apostles.Therefore, wives-bearers Church sees the symbol materianstva.

Thus, in the holy wives-bearers are embodied all the qualities that the recommendations of the Orthodox Church should be inherent in all women (love, sacrifice, heroism of motherhood).That is why the Day of the Holy Myrrh-bearers Orthodox believers and congratulate all the relatives and friends of women wanting to believers of the fair sex to rekindle confidence, like the Myrrh-bearers, outstanding moral qualities.

Memory holy Myrrh-bearers set the Church on the third Sunday after Easter.Celebrations of the women continue week.