Orthodox pilgrimage can be called to puteshest Christian holy places, or the various shrines of Christendom to obtain divine grace.Thus, the main difference from simple palomnichesvta journey is that in the first case, a person is not just a spectator of Historic Places, and is seeking fertile favor.In the holy places pilgrims come to pray, to ask God or other holy figures help in their needs.

Pilgrimage can be committed in places that are important witnesses of the historic events of the Gospel, and in the temples, which are located in a specific Christian shrines.For example, in the first case, one of the main places for the Christian is Jerusalem.This land is called - the Holy Land.In Jerusalem and the surrounding cities are places of last days of earthly life of Jesus Christ as well as the place of his resurrection.Another major Christian si

tes of global importance is Bethlehem - the city where the Savior was born.

holy places there are in Russia.For example, they may be referred to the phenomenon of different places of miracle-working icons.One of the most revered holy places is Diveevo Russia (there is women's monastery with the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov), the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery and other temples and monastery with its great Christian shrines.

In some temples in the world are the holy relics of saints, or so-called secondary power - particles clothes Lord, the Virgin or the saints.These shrines of Orthodox people also travels to touch certain subject, exudes divine grace, and seek prayerful supplication, for example, to the saint.

pilgrimage can also be performed on a variety of miraculous power.They are believers gain the holy water, which is used later for his godly needs.

Orthodox pilgrimage can be characterized by the fact that religious people coming to the holy places, are preparing for the sacrament of communion.Pious tradition for Orthodox Christian is a confession and receiving the Holy Mysteries of Christ in the places marked by the special grace of God.There are temples of the holy place where the services are performed.Therefore, if there is a language barrier, a believer can confess and receive Holy Communion in the Orthodox church.

Christian pilgrimage may be difficult to ordinary travelers, but the particular participant in the life of the Church and its history.