During his life on earth Panteleimon, helping people recover from the terrible disease through prayer and to strengthen their faith by dying in pain, but did not change their beliefs.It is believed that prayer Panteleimon is endowed with a divine power, which can rouse even the terminally ill people.

Life and Death of Panteleimon the Healer

young boy, the son of pagan and Christian, was born in Nicomedia.He received a good education and learned the basics of medicine at the doctor, who was close to the emperor.Later, the young man became acquainted with Christian Ermolai, who told him about God and faith.Stories struck Pantele
imon.It took faith and set foot on the road to their neighbors with God's prayer on his lips.He soon became convinced of the power of prayer when he was able to rouse the baby, who was bitten by a poisonous snake.Thereafter, "a doctor from God" lined up the whole queue.He helped everyone - rich and poor, Christians and Gentiles - come back to life and brought them back to their faith.

But envious doctors told the emperor about the pagans of activities of Panteleimon and that it glorifies the name of Jesus Christ.The young man was summoned to the palace, where he spoke about his treatment methods.But even the people who came to talk about his victory over the disease thanks to the Lord, not anger broke pagan emperor and his advisers.Faithful immediately executed.Panteleimon was sentenced to torture in the hope that he would give up his faith.But this did not happen.

Healer Panteleimon Emperor Maximian sentenced to death by beheading.The blood spilled during the execution turned into milk, dried olives, near where it happened, and came to life zaplodonosila!

where the remains of the great martyr Panteleimon?

collected remnants of blood on the spot executions persist today in the monastery of the Incarnation of the Lord in Madrid.Every year on the day of the death of the healer, July 27, according to the new calendar, the holy blood is transformed into a liquid.

head is stored in Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos, and the relics of the martyr divided into different churches around the world.Anyone who asks health for themselves and their loved ones crouches in prayer to the relics and asks for help healers.

Panteleimon was unimportant to faith asking.He helped everyone who asked for healing, directing wayward astray, protects soldiers while on duty.The main thing to believe that the martyr will save the world from all troubles and lead everyone to the true God!