Decide what goals you want to achieve in deciding on pumping his UAZ Ica.You can make the car more functional change or alter it to factory specifications or pumping would be to change the car beyond recognition, and attract the attention on the streets.Once you have decided what you want, you need to determine how to optimally achieve the goals.
If you have a warm garage with a pit or hoist, professional tools, and most importantly time and skills, you can deal with pumping UAZ Ica alone or with a few like-minded people.If these resources are not, you can instruct the machine pumping her professional mechanics, referring to one of the service stations.Money, of course, such treatment will require more, but also guarantee the work will be done, an
d save your time.
Create in your car sound quality by installing a professional music system.To do this, you must perform a full sound and vibration insulation of car body, to prepare regular places the acoustics, making the podium, and replace standard wiring for special high-voltage wires.Also set quality head unit, and, if necessary, power.
Remember that wheels make a significant part of the look of the car.On the pages of a global network of online configurator can be found, a special program that will help you choose the appropriate discs in appearance and specification for your vehicle.Once you have decided on the design, purchase and install wheels instead of standard that can be reserved for use in the winter.
Install additional lights on the roof of your car.Besides the fact that they will give a night ride (especially on the road), more safety and comfort, it is also striking attribute to highlight the appearance of the car.
body of your car can be pasted special vinyl film that will protect paintwork from adverse weather conditions.At your request, vinyl film can portray any image and, in addition to practical functions, it will still be beneficial to distinguish your car from "brothers".