All cars 2114 units are equipped with front headlights, which are equipped with a corrector direction of illumination.There are problems with passing light are most commonly associated with the causes, which can be eliminated by yourself.

fault lamp and its replacement

installed in cars halogen lamps with two filaments arranged in one housing.One of them is responsible for the high beam, the other - for the neighbor.To ensure that the reason for the absence of light lies precisely in the tube, it is enough to change it with a known good.To get under the hood of the lid that covers the headlight assembly.Turn it clockwise to open.Next will see a three-terminal that should be removed.It remains to remove the bulb, unclip the spring clips.Do not forget that the new lighting element can not
be taken for glass - fatty traces degrade the heat transfer tube and quickly fail.So take it for contacts, insert into the grooves, put spring clips and close the cover, having turned counterclockwise.Replacing the bulb, pay attention to the contacts in the connector, - they must not be oxidized.

Malfunctions fuses, wires and switches

Another equally common cause - blown fuse.It is within the corresponding block is located under the hood, on the left side (in the direction of a vehicle) is closer to the windshield.Open the black cover and locate the fuse - in this VAZ2114 F12 (right headlight) and F13 (left headlight).Both fuse 7.5 ampere.To ensure their integrity, turn on the light parts: have viewed the entire thread.In their absence, the fuse (s) must be replaced.If these elements of the whole, and the world is still there, it makes sense to simultaneously check the relay;It is designated as the K9.We need to get him out and put a known good detail (for verification, you can use the relay beam K8).

Poor connected or oxidized wires can also cause a lack of light.To make sure the wiring is OK, you can unplug the pads and look at the internal contacts: they must be absent green patina.By the way, poor or dry contact may cause permanent fuse (same problem causes a short circuit wires).Less likely is not lit dipped due to a faulty pushbutton.It can simply be removed and replaced as a known-good.