Specificity chef profession

Job chef often provides a stable income and good demand in the labor market.Students at Cook have a unique opportunity to practice in restaurants, bars and cafes that allows many of them to find a job before graduation.After the release of the next academic institutions chef gets a third category, which can make a career sous-chef and even the chef.The salary of five hundred dollars and the opportunity for professional growth with good prospects is an additional incentive to the production of the profession.

doing the cook, remember that you expect great exercise, a constant concentration and inability to relax while cooking.

specialty "cook" the entrance exams are usually not - enough to pass an interview, during wh
ich the selection committee of the teachers need to understand why you have decided to become a chef, and how you prepared for this.In some schools you can even require a high school diploma, as troechniki and Losers are unlikely to be related to the work more seriously than honors and horoshist.

Admission to cook

Before becoming a professional chef, it is desirable to find a list of what can teach this specialty.So, you will be taught how to prepare ordinary meals and culinary masterpieces, their original design, tableware, preparation and diet menus.

In addition, you will learn to select quality products and make an accurate list of necessary products for procurement.

During cooking classes, you will learn the preparation of salads, soups, appetizers, hot and cold dishes as well as desserts and diet foods.The most successful you can become a chef, having knowledge of the school of chemistry and biology - that are based on these subjects such professional Cooking subjects as cooking, merchandising, technology confectionery and hygiene rules.

With the passage of practice in canteens and cafes, you will learn teamwork, hone their movements and learn to skillfully handle a knife and learn a lot of trade secrets from more experienced cooks.In addition, you can then determine the quality of the product for its taste, color, smell and even "touch".