you need
  • 100 grams of copper sulfate, the bank, 100-150 ml of water, string, a pencil.
Buy two bags of copper sulfate in any garden store.Usually copper sulphate sold at 50 grams, therefore, you need to buy 100 grams of vitriol for crystal growth.Take a small jar and pour water into it.The amount of water should not be great, no more than 150 or 100 ml of me.Heat the water.
Grains vitriol tie the thread and fasten thread on the pencil.Thus, the pencil will be on the neck of the cans and keep the grain in water.Choose only the large grains.
bags pour remaining contents into the jar.Remember, the water should be hot.Thoroughly mix to achieve a supersaturated
solution.The solution should be dark blue.Later in the day, banks will form a precipitate until the solution becomes saturated.When the solution is to get rid of over-saturation, color change to blue.If the solution is not supersaturated turned out, there are two solutions.Either buy another bag of copper sulfate, or wait until the excess water away.In this case, we will have to wait a few days.
Cool the solution.When the room temperature reaches values ​​lower in the solution of the previously harvested grain on a string.As soon as the precipitation, seed begins to grow.Mineral grows about 4 days.
Once a day, you need to pull out the crystal and the solution was heated.Also stir sediment again cooled solution and again lower the grain sulfate.To smooth the edges of the future of the crystal growths can be cleaned off with a thread or dissolved.
A few days later, remove the mineral , dry.Cut the thread.Avoid long stay in the water.The precipitate can be reused.