Before you start attracting new customers in business , refer to the experience of the competition, consider all the pros and cons and be sure to send this notice old customers that you start implementingthe new strategy.
Analyze your previous experience in attracting customers .Select the ways in which, in your opinion, were the most effective.If your company has sufficient funds, invite -trenera business so that he could teach your employees to create non-traditional customer base.
Think, is it really so good at the moment, the traditional ways of attracting customers (¬ęcold calls" and massive advertising).If you still have not created a website or he is in a state of sharpening, invite experienced webmasters him to help promote your products or ser
vants of the Internet.
Create dispatchers to work with clients (in the "8-800").This method is especially effective if you are engaged in the provision of services or consumer goods.In addition, in the few seconds while waiting for a potential client connections to an operator, you will be able once again to advertise your company.
Invite experienced copywriters so that they formed a new business proposal from your firm.You can distribute it along with the dispatch of samples of goods to addresses of potential customers or through the Site.
Completely Refit the head office of your company.If possible, order sets and working clothes for your employees to clients to see what the company is really reliable, and it should cooperate.If necessary, you can even revise office hours by moving the start and end of the working day for one to two hours.
Book an advertising agency a new batch of brochures, flyers and business cards for your company.Find out when and where will be held another exhibition of goods and services in the sphere in which you specialize, and prepare for it properly, because it is at such events can be found the most profitable customers .