Understandably, anyone who was lucky enough to be born in the United States automatically acquires the citizenship of this country.The same rule applies to the US territory.On this basis, the child becomes a citizen of the United States of non-citizens automatically, even in the case of illegal residence of parents.

Interestingly, none of the parents still will not be a United States citizen.If it so happened that legitimate American citizens the child was born outside the country, and it has all the rights of citizenship homeland of his parents.This law works even when only one parent - American.

If the child is illegitimate, it must adopt the American father, or take the family.It's enough to register the citizenship of any US consulate.The main thing is to carry out this procedure before the
applicant turned eighteen.

Change double-headed eagle on the bald eagle

If not so lucky with the birth, early to despair.All the same, there is a chance, and it is not so minuscule as one might think at once.The first step to citizenship becomes a Green Card.Finding the right of permanent residence, and that is what implies a green card holder does not oblige it to become a citizen.

Citizenship allows voting provides legalization anywhere in the world, the inability to deportation and so on.Obtaining citizenship or naturalization carried out in several stages, following one after another.First, the application is submitted, then a candidate interview.At the end of the newly US citizen takes an oath of allegiance to their new homeland.

Immediately it should be noted that in spite of external simplicity procedure takes about twelve months.And on such application shall be entitled to only those who lived in states with a residence permit for at least five years.But if green card was issued in connection with the marriage to a US citizen, the period is reduced to three years.

no right to citizenship

worth noting that there is a certain category of people who never get the citizenship, or even may lose Green Card.It concerns offenders during their stay in the United States.This particularly applies to crimes related to drugs and drug use, a particularly serious crime, illegal proliferation of weapons.

those guilty of these acts can no longer count on naturalization, as well as those who provided false information in the documents for a green card.