Many historians joking, arguing that the main merit of Philip II of Macedon before his country - a work born of his son Alexander the Great.

beginning of the reign of Philip

In fact, it is certainly not the case.The legacy of his brother Philip III Perikka got a very weak country.On all sides of Macedonia tormented her enemies - the Thracians and Illyrians.On the disintegrating state land glances and Greece.

Without a strong army, Philip deal with their enemies by means of diplomacy.Despite his young age (he was only 23 years old), he was able to show remarkable diplomatic skills.By persuasion, bribery and cunning maneuvers, he managed to avoid external threats, putting an end to the turmoil in the country and create a powerf
ul army.It also creates a fleet and one of the first to begin the construction of siege and kamnemetatelnyh machines.

on his hand and plays developed while the situation in neighboring countries.On the one hand - unorganized barbarian tribes.On the other - are in deep crisis Greece.And the third - the beginning of the expansion of its empire Persidaskaya Aheneidov.

triumph Philip

in 553 BCPhilip begins his first war "as a part of Delphi coalition, which included fevantsy and feskaliytsy.She waged against fokidyan and maintain their fokinyan.As a result, short-lived military campaign was Fesalii accession, entry into Delphic amphictyonic league and getting arbitration functions in relation to Greece.

followed by a series of new victories.Philip subjugates pesniytsev.Otvoёvyvaet have previously captured Illyrians Macedonian city.Take storm large shopping center Amphipolis and Pydna captures the Greek polis on the south coast of Macedonia.In 356, his army takes turns Patideya city, region Krendt and gold mines on the mountain Pang.Failure in this long series of victorious campaigns suffered Filirra once.Do not crowned with victory Parifa siege of Byzantium.

climax of military victories of Philip was the conquest of Greece.By the way, Philip himself with his army entered the land of ancient Greece not as a conqueror.He was invited to the Greek people themselves, in order to punish the inhabitants of his Pourciau Amfissa, unauthorized occupation of the holy land.However, this ruined city, the Macedonian king captured and several Greek cities and cry thus fear and anger ruler of Athens.They managed to conclude an alliance antimakedonskoy major Greek cities.

in 338 BCthe decisive battle of Chaeronea, in which the allied forces were defeated.

fear and panic after that reigned in Athens.But Philip did not go to the capital, preferring to conclude profitable for itself and is very soft for the Greek world.As a result, Greece has managed to maintain its state.But the grandeur of ancient Greece was finally lost.