Ranch as a form of land tenure

term "ranch" has several meanings, but they are all somehow related to agriculture.The word comes from the Spanish language.In Central and South America under the ranch meant large-sized land ownership - latifundia.In the center is usually located a house and farm buildings.House accommodation owners latifundia could differ rich decoration, and sometimes in form resembled a luxury estate.

In the United States and Canada can be called any ranch cattle breeding farm, which was built in the countryside.In both the first and second case, traditional ranchers specialization is agriculture, primarily cattle ranching.From this kind of plantation estates is different in that there ar
e virtually no plants are grown.

vast American plains gave farmers the opportunity to organize their farms with considerable panache.There was no need to huddle with livestock on a piece of land, as is often the case in Europe.Location undertook such rich land?Militant Europeans and their descendants ruthlessly ousted from their homes Native American land, sending them whole tribes on the reservation.On the liberated lands and enterprising farmers built their ranch to breed horses and cows here.

Ranch yesterday and today

In the past, the ranch is inherently different livestock farm and limiting functionality.Everything here has been adapted for cattle.Outbuildings, paddocks Coral, machinery - all this meant for farming.Centre ranches have always been one-storey manor house, furnished in cowboy traditions and strong enough to withstand gusts of gale-force winds, from time to time to walk on the prairie.

Modern ranch in the United States often resemble the old agricultural holdings only his name.In many states in the place of the former ranch can be seen luxury residential buildings, houses, inhabited by very wealthy people involved in politics and show business.Of course, current owners of the ranch felt no attachment either to agriculture or to the cattle.

land owners now prefer a variety of kinds of rest.Many luxury ranch equipped with swimming pools, there are often guest houses and sometimes helipads.On this hacienda you can comfortably spend the weekend, hidden from the bustle of the city.There are informal meetings of politicians, public figures and businessmen, which are solved sometimes very important issues that affect the external and internal policy of the state.