Site ParentsWebs compiled a list of five names for 2014 and recommendations to them for the year according to the Horses.Fifth place is occupied by the name of Cyrus, the fourth - Anastasia, the third - Arina, the second - and the first Marian - Sofia.
Site "call-devochku.rf" list of names proposed for 2014, based on the number of searches on them.First here is the original Russian name for Milan, the second place - Sofia, followed Yesenia, Arina and Mariana.
popular online magazine for parents Bebiportal each year compiles a list of names, which is often called the children.In 2014 they began hearing the familiar names like Sofia, Maria, Anastas
ia, Anna, Olga, Catherine, Xenia and Julia.Because of the rare names entered in the top Uliana, Eva, Milan and Vasilisa.
Remarkably, the top names coming top of the list for 2014, virtually identical to the beginning of the stamp in January of 2013.It also contains the above listed once rare names.Apart from them at the end of the top 50 there are also other beautiful but previously infrequently used names - Camilla, Miroslav, Elina and Maya.
portal FioName presented a list of most popular names at the beginning of the XXI century.These are the names that are most commonly called the girls in the second half of the last century.These names are familiar to all Alina Anastasia, Anna, Valeria, Victoria, Darya, Ekaterina, Elena, Irina, Christine, Xenia, Larissa, Lyudmila, Marina, Maria, Natalia, Olga, Svetlana, Tatiana and Yulia.
most popular name of all time recognized - Anna.It can be seen at least in all European countries, USA and Canada.In Russia, the second leading position in recent years holds Anastasia.
In accordance with the selected list can be seen on the left in the past such popular recently name as Irina, Svetlana and Elena.In 00-10h years of the XXI century vogue vintage and rare names - in the first place is Milan.Anna and Anastasia at least no longer occupy a leading position in the list, they are still in them, maintaining the status of the most popular female names for all time.