Disputes and disagreements on the road between drivers and traffic police inspector today there quite often.And moreover, they are not always to blame for men in uniform.Simply, many drivers do not know their rights and responsibilities thoroughly begin to literally 'climb into the bottle ", which, as we know, nothing good is not finished.Therefore it is necessary to observe the rules of decency and cultural communication on the road to conflict situations was at times less.

What should you do if you are stopped by an inspector

Remember that if you stopped the inspector asks too intrusive out of the car, it's not a reason to get out of both
cars and rude at him.Politely but firmly state custody order, that the requirement to carry out its illegal and it you do not.The voice must be sure - so the traffic police will understand that before him the man who knows his rights.

known a situation where under the guise of traffic police hiding road fraudsters seeking to deceive and rob drivers.In order to prevent such an option, ask the inspector his ID.If you have reason to complain about the bad behavior guardian of order, rewrite its data (usually the surname, first name, rank, badge number of the breast).

Remember that the inspector must tell you the reason for stopping your vehicle.This may be a violation of your rules (for example, you have exceeded the speed or not notice prohibiting sign) or the passage in the area of ​​operation to detain criminals.In the second case, the inspector shall present to you a document confirming the truth of his words.If he refuses to do so, immediately call the traffic police hotline and explain your situation.

Try to talk to the inspectors politely, do not flaunt the fact that you know the rules and codes, and then they try to deceive you and mislead.This will run the risk of angering the guardian of order, and it will proceed to a more detailed inspection of your vehicle.Also, remember that article for an attack on law enforcement has not been canceled.And it can be brought under a lot of things, including the very active rudeness.

If the requirements of the traffic police do not contradict the rules, but you seem superfluous, it is better to obey and do what you are asked.For example, if you are stopped for not dipped beam, but in the process were asked to open the trunk, you should not hang back and point out that the check can only offense for which stopped.Better to show that you have in the trunk, and avoid problems.

What should be taken into account

Experienced drivers are assured that by choosing the tactic in conversation with a representative of the traffic police, it is necessary to take into account the territorial your presence.For example, inspectors in the Urals more severe and persistent, the traffic police in the south of corrosive, etc.Naturally, in order to communicate with them on equal terms, it is better to carefully study and memorize their rights and responsibilities.They are not so much, but this kind of information will help you feel more confident.

If you and communicate with a representative of the traffic police polite and culturally, and especially not resist his requests, but the conversation is not glued, and the inspector behaving provocatively, causes additional outfit of law enforcement all through the same traffic police helpline.