can enjoy the coolness in every domestic car.But to install air conditioning in the classics or nine is quite real.It is necessary, however, to find a suitable car with air conditioning.Once you feel a significant drop in power when the compressor.But if you are a supporter of convenience, not speed, it did not pay attention.It would be better if you make a major overhaul of the engine before installing the air conditioner.

If the engine has high mileage, it is an extra burden on him will not act very well.Also nice would be if the fuel injection system is the injector.This will set up an electronic control unit so that there is minimal fuel consumption and maximum engine performance.For cars VAZ perfect air conditioning small and small ca
rs of foreign manufacture.

composition of the air conditioning system

basis conditioner - a compressor which is driven by a timing belt or the generator.Method of the drive depends on the car model.A radiator (condenser), mounted in front of the vehicle for cooling the coolant.A radiator is installed in the passenger compartment, wherein the refrigerant is in a cold state.More precisely put, this radiator removes heat from the surrounding air.Copper tube that connects the nodes conditioner needed for the circulation of the coolant.

Four-way valve must be installed if the winter are going to use the air conditioner as a heater.It changes the direction of the refrigerant.And, of course, the fan on the radiator.Inside the fan distributes the cooled air and the condenser is more effectively cooling the refrigerant by a fan mounted thereon.The compressor has an electromagnetic clutch.The pulley rotates constantly, and a compressor rotor connected with this coupling when the air conditioner.

What should be done to put the air conditioner on the WHA?

First, you should change a little bit the power supply system.The generator, which is installed by default now would be too weak.It is necessary that he gave more than 10 amps.It is at a minimum.Otherwise, not enough battery charge, engine performance will be unstable.Secondly, the drive generator also should be changed.The most appropriate option would be the use of the generator VAZ-2110 on the nines and the classics.Accordingly, the belt drive and with this car.You only need to use a belt with a somewhat greater length.

And it is desirable to use a special tension roller.The VAZ-2108 and VAZ-2114, will not have problems with the installation of the radiator in the cabin.Beard (middle panel) allows you to install the heat sink and fans under the panel of the recorder.In place of the classics is not much, so the best place to install the radiator is under the glove compartment shelf.During operation, however, the passenger in the front seat will be very cold.But do not forget about the condensate, which can cause rotting body.Drain it should be mandatory.