choice of venue and theme nights

The most common literary evenings devote anniversaries, such as the birth centenary of a poet or a writer.But you can not wait for the anniversary, arrange an evening in memory a specific literary figures or devote a whole genre - for example, love lyrics in the verses.

venue chosen library, the house-museum, auditorium or theater school.The room is decorated with portraits of poets and writers according to subject matter.Literary evening can be spent at home even for close friends, but the atmosphere should be warm and have to talk.To turn the apartment into a literary club, you can decorate the table dense green cloth and lights - red sh

choose a theme, you must carefully examine the biography of the hero (or heroes) evening, focusing on notable moments.Pre-made invitations on a beautiful paper.For total immersion in the era of the past, it is recommended to buy the costumes and the corresponding attributes.You can rehearse and present to the public some of the scenes from the works.

possible, the guests seated at the table (or tables).It is necessary to take care of soft drinks (tea, coffee) and light refreshments.Any evening must be leading in the elegant suit and with a nice speech.Other participants must complete the skill of expressive art of reading, to read excerpts from the works.

Example scenario literary evening

monotonic enumeration of the facts biography of the literary personality very few people like.In developing the script the evening, it is necessary to consider the active participation of the audience.Perfectly suited conversations in the form of "question-answer" and joint philosophical arguments.Interested students can, if we draw a parallel between the works of the time, and the problems of modern life.

After biography should go acquainted with the work of the selected poet or writer.Dressed in appropriate costumes, participants read their poems, act out skits, etc.

designed to revive the evening games, contests and romances.Turn your room into the cabin of a secular society.Romances with a guitar and the game must comply with the overall theme.You can invite guests to play forfeits.The hat-cylinder (or any nice tight bag) down notes with the tasks according to the theme.Each in turn pulls out the note and perform tasks.

Finally, you can give small gifts: cards, calendars with the image of the hero (heroes) and the other in the evening.Children will be interesting to draw their own impressions, and then to make an exhibition of the drawings.Instead of pictures you can make a piggy bank experience - a large glass cube or a nice box, which will be folded note with impressions and opinions about how to influence the creativity of a writer on society.To note were a single format, guests are required to distribute sheets of paper of the same size, color or style.