personal data in the workbook

the initial page of the work book indicate personal data such as name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, education, profession (specialty).The reason for entering data on education are diplomas, confirming their training in universities and Susa.Followed by the date of filling of employment record, the signature of the owner, the signature of an employee or other personnel department responsible for its maintenance and extradition of a person and the seal of the organization.

Information about the work

number of pages to follow the work book intended for entering data directly on the work.The graph №1 entered the serial number of the record in the column №2 - the date of entry (the year, date, month).Count №3 is intended to indicate the information on employment, the transfer to another j
ob, dismissal.Introducing information dismissal must specify the cause by referring to a specific article of the Labor Code.

All management actions to adopt a job transfer to another job or the dismissal are official and are made in the form of an order or order number and the release date is entered in the column designed for this №4.

record of hiring may be made, for example, as follows: «№1 18.09.2003 LLC" food companies "Motor".Adopted by the Managing personnel.Order №25 from 18.09.2003. "Writing in the labor force in the event of a transfer to any other position can be such: «№7 15.03.2012 to the position of warehouse manager.Order №6 of 01.02.2010. "As an example, you can also bring the following entry of dismissal: «№2 19.05.2003 voluntary redundancy, Article 80 of the Labor Code.The head of the personnel department OIIvanov (signature).Order №52 from 23.07.2011. "In the record of the dismissal is mandatory to specify the position, surname and initials of the employee of the personnel department or the person replacing him, and putting down his signature and seal of the organization.

work book is stored in the personnel department in the period of its owner in the organization and the employee handed out only on the day of the dismissal of an employee of the personnel department or other person acting as him.From the information on the length of service contained in the workbook, the size of the pension depends on the content after reaching the appropriate age.