Much depends on how you paid.If it was official and it paid taxes, the money will be easier to obtain.Anyway, you do not have to fight with a former employer alone.By connecting law enforcement organization, you will succeed.
Make a statement in labor inspection, describe the whole situation with non-payment of salaries.At the same time, and you can write a statement to the prosecutor's office to audit the company.It is unlikely that you will be able to attract former employer criminally liable - this requires a fact of intent, which is very difficult to prove.But calls to the prosecutor it will be provided.A couple of conversations with the prosecutor makes a lot of non-payers is much more
Without waiting for the results of inspections, make a claim in court.You can apply to the court at his place of residence, if you prefer.The statement of claim include a copy of employment record with the record of the dismissal.
Court will take about a month.If it decides in your favor (and likely will), the case will give bailiffs.They will have to collect the debt from your former employer within the specified period by the court.
sure to ask the name of the phone and the bailiff, who will be engaged in your business.All coordinates you will be informed in the district bailiff service.Do not leave unattended the situation - regularly learn how to solve your problem.
Note that if the funds in the accounts of the company do not have to do anything will be difficult.If you know that the money goes to other accounts in subsidiaries or companies regularly bring cash, tell the bailiff.In their power to seize the disputed accounts, the company's property, remove furniture, computers, office transport.