First we need to understand exactly what the team needed for your business: age, sex, education, experience.How many people need to achieve their goals.It is important not to make a mistake - if the employee is less than required, then be prepared for the constant "Park the" delay and order fulfillment, which can lead to loss of customers, and with them and profit.If the staff more than you need for your business - they will have free time, which may also adversely affect the work.
Next, you create an advertisement for the recruitment of staff.As can be painted in detail on the job, then it will help save time
for long and unnecessary conversations with potential candidates.Place your ad in the newspapers on employment, on the Internet on websites and forums, and other places where it will read as much as possible people.Refer to a friend - surely they will be able to advise someone sensible.Having received from the candidates resume, divide your actions on the two stages.The first - talk to prospective employees on the phone, ask a few leading questions to help determine "your" is a person or not.The second stage - the interview invite to all those who you like.At the meeting ask the candidates what kind of results they expect to work with you than willing to sacrifice for the common cause.Tell us what you expect and what you will constantly require them.So you will be able to "weed out" those who takes a job just to sit for a while in a "quiet" place, and then go in search of a new "harbor."
team's success lies not only in a good frame, but also the conditions in which they work.Please note, if your team is provided with everything necessary for work.Appliances are OK, comfortable whether at the office.From the comfort also depends on many things - at work, people spend most of the day, it is important that they want to stay here, but not quickly escape.
do you expect from his team's great results, self-sacrificing returns.Think about what you can give them in return?Lay in the cost estimates for bonuses and bonuses for time meeting or even exceeding the plan.Do not forget to encourage team , that she had an incentive to promote your business further.But do not let the competition between workers.The team - is when people work together and advance together towards a common goal.
team cohesion - is another important step on the path to success.Make sure that the people working for you, if you do not become best friends, good friends.Organize a joint trip to the cinema or bowling alley, corporate parties for the holidays, field trips.Do such events on a regular basis so that your people can get to know each other not only in the workplace but also at rest.
And yet - be with your team at the same time, that is, it does not become a chief, and a partner, ally.Personal example, show how each employee must work to achieve great rezultatov.Sobrav like-minded people by staging a stimulating work environment, you create a successful team , which will help grow your business and increase profits.