Without which there are designers: education and portfolio

education from the prestigious designer depends on what salary he can claim.You can become an interior designer, after studying for 5-6 years in high school, but you can - 3 years of college.Moreover, now the so-called common design courses, where after a few months you will be given a crust labeled you as a designer.With such a diploma will be engaged only in interior decoration, is low paid.

An additional advantage is the presence of the designer of certificates of internships, competitions and participation in workshops.

level of education and various regalia - only a conditional pledge of income interior designer.This formula for success - a creative ability, plus ties, plus the ability to do business.

advantageous offer on the market and allows a good
portfolio - "odezhka" designer.It should contain information about how many and which projects fulfilled the designer and show the skills of computer programs and various manual techniques.

as employees and self-

salary interior designer depends on whether he is employed or for yourself.Do employees usually a fixed monthly salary, due to their experience.

have independent designers salaries can vary by tens and even hundreds of times.Firstly, the number of demands.Find the orders for interior designing is not so simple.That they might do on a regular basis, you need to charge to advertise themselves in print magazines and on the Internet, or have links dating and profitable.Therefore, the designer often load density is very uneven.Can a few months did not receive, then a week to earn more than a year.

commercial vein and assertiveness - the most important component of the material welfare of the designer.Sometimes even more weight than talent and the ability to quickly generate ideas.

Secondly, orders designers are of different levels.One thing, redevelopment one-bedroom apartment, the other - the development of working documentation of the interiors four-story mansion-known personality.

terms of design, provided by the customer, also have meaning.The same design house can take years.It may be that it is cheaper for the same period to perform several orders smaller.

Integrity customer interior - another important factor.Despite the fact that the order for the design of sealed an official agreement, customers tend to break it.They may suspend the design, time does not disburse advances, change their decisions for a long time to choose the options.To resolve these violations in court costly and troublesome.Often the designer independently solves the problems, suffering financially.

famous designers is reflected in its earnings directly.Big name designers take for his ideas on the order more.

What determines the cost of the project

Earnings for peer interior designers are also differentiated.When a contract for the design of the price for the project will consist of several components.

So, the larger the area of ​​designed interiors, the smaller the price per square meter.Polysyllabic interior style also affects the price.For example, baroque, antique, classic interiors require more attention to detail and assemblies.

The more expensive the materials and furniture - the more expensive services of a designer.Sometimes the designer takes a fixed percentage of the value of the interior (5-10%).

If the customer agrees with the designer of supervision - is another source of revenue last.Ambitious designers usually insist on supervision, because they are important to have in its portfolio worthy projects.

Finally, the major source of income interior designer - interest paid by building designer stores and interior salons with customer purchases.Depending on how many customers recommend products designer, his income can be up to 30-40% of their value.Some designers offer their customers a discount on alleged or that designer goods.In fact, they just share with them a percentage.

... and, of course, Her Majesty's muse!

design - a creative process.And inspired by the order comes.The idea might be 15 minutes, but you can bear it for six months.Therefore, the frequency of visits and the effectiveness of the designer's muse - another component of his income.